Pirates and Primates

Pirates and Primates

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I show this 8 color shirt every time I show a group of shirts and people always ask “how did you get the smoke to work on an index”.

Originally this was an 9 color until a head went down. Then the base became the gray in the re-sep which is also the tonal background and the midtone of the smoke.

One of the things that lead to the concept of “Tinted Index” which is what I called the process used in Pixel Splitter for CorelDRAW is this job. This job utilizes a hybrid of indexed square dots and halftone dots. The reason the smoke worked so well here is that the gray was a halftone rather than a dither dot in the halftone base and the highlight in the smoke is a halftone as well. Smoke is too transparent to use a coarse square dot in a low color element. In this case, the smoke is created from two colors (gray and top white) and is using the black from the shirt as the transparent and the shadows.

The crocheting on the brim of the pirate hat used the same gray/top white/black shirt as well as a little blue.

All together this piece came out great and the customer loved it and it’s one of my favorites.

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Steve Yates

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