Screen Print Color Seps for as low as $59.95


Professional Color Separations for
as low as $59.95

As Many Colors as Will Fit on Your Press!

  • Index Color Seps Delivered to your email in 72 Hours!
  • 24 hour Turnaround Available for $79.99!
  • Same Day Service for $99.99! (if avaiable)
  • Provide us Your Completed Artwork and We’ll do the Rest!
Do you need high end index color separations done but don’t have the resources, the time or the will? Free up your schedule for more sales and fun and have Steve Yates Graphics do your color separations. Color separations for garment printing is what we do. For the last 20 years We’ve been color separating for the likes of Disney, all Six Flags Amusement Parks (such as Magic Mountain, Great America, The Great Escape ect), all Cedar Fair amusement parks (such as Knott’s Berry Farm, Cedar Point, Kings Dominion ect), No Fear and lots more and can do your separations the same way.
We will take your “ready to go” graphic files and index color separate them for $59.95 in a 72 hour turn around.Next day $79.9924 hoursSame day $99.99 – send in the morning.Receive at night during a regular work week of Monday through Friday. Email for availability. You send us a 200dpi or better (preferably 300 dpi) rgb bitmap graphic (psd, tif, jpg ect) or any vector image (ai, pdf, eps, cdr) with fonts outlined or converted to curves and strokes or outlines expanded or outlined to shape.We send you back an index separated Photoshop file with the seps in the channels ready for your RIP or any postscript printing. If you don’t have a RIP or the ability to print halftones then we’ll supply pre-halftoned image files to print on your printer.

Don’t have Photoshop but do have CorelDRAW? No problem, Your seps can be sent on CorelDraw pages for an additional $20.


Any Questions contact

All mesh count and print order will be sent with your seps.Provide final image size and prefered colors and color count.Prices are based on separation work only. The artwork to be separated is assumed to be “ready to go” and will be separatated AS IS. Since artwork is subjective, we won’t alter your artwork in any way.”Ready to go” means that the file will print AS IS. If the image needs any re-typesetting or if it needs any work before being separated we will tell you what it needs and any charges to complete them.If you need us to reset type, there will be a fee and the font may be a substitute for the closest match.If a separation needs to be re-separated due to updated artwork provided after the separation is done, there will be an additional separation fee.If the image needs to be lifted off of a background color there will be an additional charge as is it takes extra time to do, contact us first for a quote at steve@steveyatesgraphics.comColor seps are indexed. Simulated Process is available if needed,


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