Separation with Porpoise

Separation with Porpoise

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I’ve done a few index color separations for the this customer and the trick with their stuff has always been that the dolphin has to always look the same no matter if the colors are changed in the next design or what color the shirt is. So the same green, yellow, red and blue have to be in every dolphin design to keep the line consistent. But how do you keep the dolphin from grabbing some of the other possible colors from other designs/shirt colors you might ask ?

 I sepped the dolphin with a separate smaller palate than the design as a whole. The dolphin always gets sepped at size with the same consistant palate while the design as a whole gets sepped with those dolphin colors plus the unique colors to the shirt color/design. The sepped dolphin is just placed back into the ready to sep design and re-sepped with those dolphin colors and the result is consistency in the garment line.


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Steve Yates

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