Blackline Advanced for Photoshop CS3 and Up


Blacklining Photos in Photoshop Just Got Better!

Illustrating line art from your customers photos can be time consuming and unprofitable! And since it can be an interpretive artform, your customer may or may not approve the first, second or more “drafts” wasting all of your precious art time. The Steve Yates Graphics Blackline action helps by taking photos and creating simple line art from them. It’s a huge time saver! As an action it’s a one size fits all line art application. But what if you could have the ability to adjust and tweak and fine tune your line art. Now You Can!


Introducing Blackline Advanced. An action set for Photoshop CS3 and Up Mac and Windows. Blackline Advanced is the next level of line art creation from photos. We’ve added user adjustable parameters to fine tune your blackline and get the most out of your customers photos.


Blackline Advanced also sports shading control that allows you the user to accent your line art with halftone dots, lines, crosses, dithers and more adding depth to even a one color illustration.

  • Great for Screen Printers, Embroiderers, Engravers & Sand Blasters!
  • For Mac and Windows!
  • Conveniently Runs in Photoshop’s actions palette!
  • Save Hours of Tracing and Illustrating!
  • Blackline Cars, People, buildings Anything!
  • Blackline the Huge Library of Internet Graphics!
  • Save Hours of Production Time!
  • And Again – No MOre Hunting for Clipart!

Works on Photoshop CS3 and Up Mac and Windows

*VERY IMPORTANT! For Photoshop CS3 and Up. Full Version Only! Not for Elements.

Because of a security issue, trials for this product are not available for automated download at this time. If you’re interested in trying this product please contact us at and please tell us which product that you’re interested in.


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