Photo to Drawing 2.0 for Photoshop

Photo to Drawing on Steroids!

Photo to Drawing 2.0 is the result of listening to Photo to Drawing users and they’re suggestions. The Photo to Drawing action set is a great tool as an action so we took the same basic Photo to Drawing engine and made it into a graphic user interface adding control over the details of your sketched drawing getting you the artist even closer to your creative vision. Line detail, black saturation and overall sharpness help you dial in the perfect sketched drawing.



But we didn’t stop there! 

Photo to Drawing now sports shading! Pen and Stipple giving you the power of traditional mediums used in our industry. And that in black and white and color!


You’re in Control!

Photo to Drawing 2.0 is driven by your imagination! Not ours. Where the Photo to Drawing action set gave you detailed grayscale imagery from photos, Photo to Drawing 2.0 puts the control in your hands to allow adjusting for the finer parts of your drawing. Line detail, black saturation, and overall sharpness allow you to tweak your artwork right where you need it.

  • Details Details! You have full control over your images details 
  • Black and White and Color! Killer Color Effects in Your Images! 
  • Traditional Organic Art Mediums Used in Our Industry (Pen Line & Stipple)
  • Great for Screen Printers and Engravers!
  • Save Hours of Production Time





Works on Photoshop CS3 and Up!


*VERY IMPORTANT! For Photoshop CS3 and Up. Full Version Only! Not for Elements.

Because of a security issue, trials for this product are not available for automated download at this time. If you’re interested in trying this product please contact us at and please tell us which product that you’re interested in.

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