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Spot Me is a feature-rich set of over 130 actions that adjusts, color separates
and halftones your killer graphics without a rip and won’t cost you an arm or a leg! It’s called Spot Me and I know it will help you like it’s helped others.Easy to Print Spot Color Seps! Simulated Process and Index. Adjustable Grayscale Underbase. Add or Subtractable. Choke and Spread Means your Seps will Register Easier. Ripless Halftones! Your Seps will Print on ANY Printer!

CS2 and up

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Toon Up Advanced action set is a giant step forward in cartooning software for Photoshop CS3 and above on both Mac and PC platforms. With the all new Warping, animated effects are now possible. Fish Eye, Skewing and more create cool cartoon effects without spending drawing, inking, scanning and tracing time!

CS3 and up

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Blackline Advanced is an action set for Photoshop CS3 and Up Mac and Windows. Blackline Advanced is the next level of line art creation from photos. We’ve added user adjustable parameters to fine tune your blackline and get the most out of your customers photos.

Blackline Advanced also sports shading control that allows you the user to accent your line art with halftone dots, lines, crosses, dithers and more adding depth to even a one color illustration.

CS3 and up

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Photo to Drawing is a killer set of Photopshop tools that remarkably converts your digital photos into fast but detailed line art and cool detailed grayscale artwork!

Save tons of time! Use it on car pictures, detailed motorcycle pictures, any pictures!

CS2 and up

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Full CS2 & CS3 and up including CC versions only. Not for Elements



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