Pixel Sep for Photoshop

Introducing The New Way We do Spot Color Separations in Photoshop CS3 and up!

Technology is catching up with our creative industry. Why not get the most from it!

Pixel Sep is a set of intuitive, imaginative and over the top set of tools for screen printers and is hands down the easiest spot color separation tool available today and the most effective tool for digging out color. On many levels it’s the first of its kind.

You decide which style of separation and colors you want to pull or let Pixel Sep color separate your design from an arsenal of pre-selected color groups. Edit up to 16 separated colors (14 plus base and highlight white) in Pixel Sep’s separation editor. Use the 16 color channels for print or editing other colors in Pixel Sep’s Separation Editor using with the Interactive editing.

Adjustable design effects like Blackline, Pixel Toon, Pixel Distress, Texture Tone and more stir and amplify your creative juices and save you time in art production!

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Because of a security issue, trials for this product are not available for automated download at this time. If you’re interested in trying this product please contact us at info@steveyatesgraphics.com and please tell us which product that you’re interested in.

Release date:April 8, 2013
Last updated:September 3, 2013
Product type:Graphics Add-on
File format:zip (scripts and support files)
Requirements:Photoshop CS3 - CS6 (not Elements)
Price:$299.99 USD

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