Smart Tone for Photoshop

You’ll find a bunch of uses in your day to day graphic workload with this handy tool.

From RIP-less image halftoning for film to various shaped halftone effects Smart Tone easily gets it done.

Smart Tone is a full featured and very easily controled halftone generator for Photoshop CS2 on up. It has an easy to use interface so getting in and out is quick and painless.
  • Perfect for halftoning Color separations without a RIP, Smart Tone makes it’s own high resolution print files. You just send to your printer.
  • Perfect for killer edgy halftone effects using any one selected layer to make its own halftone layer.
  • Get creative! Use Round & Elipticle dots, Lines. Squares and Cross shaped toning.
  • 11 Presets for popular uses.
Using high contrast settings on your print driver, Smart Tone provides a real alternative to expensive RIP sofware and Smart Tone is a great tool for creating halftoned image elements for your designs.

Smart Tone is not a color separator but can be used to halftone Spot Me channel separations or any other color separator’s channels for film.

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