Spot Me for Photoshop

Photoshop Color Separations for version 7 – CS2 (not Elements)

Good color separations are time consuming and if you’re not familiar with doing

high-end color separations it can get expensive too. Most of the new packages don’t include Photoshop 7 through CS2 anyway.

The solution… a feature-rich set of over 130 actions that adjusts, color separates
and halftones your killer graphics without a rip and won’t cost you an arm or a leg! It’s called Spot Me and I know it will help you like it’s helped me.

  • Easy to Print Spot Color Seps! Simulated Process and Index
  • Adjustable Grayscale Underbase! Add or Subtractable!
  • Choke and Spread Means your Seps will Register Easier!
  • Ripless Halftones! Your Seps will Print on ANY Printer!
  • Upgrades to Pixel Sep for CS3 through CS6 at a discount

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