Introducing Pixel Sep

pslogo1Introducing the new way we do spot color separations in Photoshop CS3 and up

Pixel Sep is the coolest thing to happen to screen print graphics since Photoshop!

Technology is catching up with our creative industry. Why not get the most from it!

Pixel Sep is a set of intuitive, imaginative and over the top tools for screen printers and is hands down the easiest spot color separation tool available today and the most effective tool for digging out color. On many levels it’s the first of its kind.

Because of its individual color functions Pixel Sep offers 9 specialized simulated process palettes and/or you can pick your own colors from a 22 color palette of individual colors as well. 8 grouped and 24 individual index colors and 24 individual simple spot colors. So having designs with 2 or 3 blues is now do-able where it was unheard of before. Most simulated process and/or index separators offer only one palette of colors for the user to chisel down from.

Now you can do multiple reds, multiple blues and dig out solid off colors like Olive, Pink, Dark Green, Navy and others by pushing a button.

Pixel Sep has adjustable Blacklining, Sketching, Tooning, Distressing and a bunch of other effects and utilities including another first… a detailed separation editor for editing the sepped individual spot color channels alone and interacting with other channels.

Pixel Sep means faster turnaround times in your art department and easier setups in production with programmable halftoned seps with usable registration marks on each sep.

With individual color sep choices, adjustable image tools, individual separation editing and programmable halftones Pixel Sep is an easy choice for working screen print artists!

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