The Cure for Separation Anxiety


Overcome color separation anxiety
at Steve Yates Graphics
Whether you’re color separating high-end screenprint designs or simple vector separations for print or vinyl graphics, Steve Yates Graphics has you affordably covered with color separation program choices.
Pixel Sep for Photoshop CS3 and up (not Elements) lets you choose your colors adds design effects to your designs. Blacklining, Tooning, Sketching, Halftoning and more! A first of it’s kind in Photoshop color separations!

Spot Me for Photoshop 7 and up (not Elements) is a great choice for Photoshop 7 through CS2 user and will color separate your index and simulated process seps cleanly, quickly and affordably. Since it runs in Photoshop’s actions, it’s easy to install and in an already familiar environment.!

Vector Sep is the original spot color separator for CorelDRAW. It separates vector, monochrome bitmaps and anything that you’ve assigned a Pantone spot color to. Quick Change is a great companion to Vector Sep as it sets up the spot color in a snap!

Pixel Splitter is the first and (still the best) bitmap spot color separator for CorelDRAW limiting you to nothing you want to put on a garment. From your customers photos to CorelDRAW’s shadows, bitmap fills, textures …anything can be color separated, haftoned programatically and printed on your printer without a rip. All in CorelDRAW!

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